FJP Statement on Police Violence against Peaceful Protestors Monday, July 15

FJP Statement on Police Violence against Peaceful Protestors Monday, July 15

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) strongly condemns deliberate killings by police forces and hired gangs of thugs protected by the police, using live ammunition, which led to the death of 7 people, injured hundreds, some in critical condition, and arrested more than 500.

Monday night’s attacks and clashes have shown that Egyptian police are once again using the ugliest methods of repression and killing as before the January 25 Revolution, even reproducing the same scenes, such as running over 20 demonstrators, breaking the bones of many of them. Meanwhile, ambulances were no-where in sight, leaving victims of the attacks to suffer death and injury.

Moreover, the evil of thuggery is back plaguing several areas in Cairo and other governorates, with hired thugs terrorizing citizens and attacking private property and vehicles to scare the people who responded peaceful protest invitations by the Statement by the National Alliance in Support of Electoral Legitimacy (NASEL).

It has also transpired that there is a terrorist plot led by State Security officers who have returned to their posts, to take revenge on the people who overthrew them, framing those demonstrators and free political opponents leading the revolution against the military coup for those violent crimes.

We demand an end to all repressive practices immediately, for those pose a threat to the security of the homeland and its citizens. The putschist authorities who overturned the will of the people must protect the freedom to demonstrate peacefully, and to refrain from using violence against peaceful protesters.

Repressive and violent measures will not stop us. We will continue our revolution to liberate the will of Egypt, fail the military coup and announce all subsequent proceedings, actions and decrees void.

Hundreds of people have given their lives, martyrs for Egypt, since the January 2011 Revolution, for freedom, dignity and human rights, in order to reclaim the right to peaceful demonstration as well as political and societal activity. No force will stand in the way of the people ever.

The authorities must release all innocent detainees who have simply exercised their political and constitutional right to peaceful demonstration.

Our sincere condolences to the families of the dead and injured. May God grant the martyrs glory and immortality, and a speedy recovery to the injured.

We salute the brave people of Egypt, whose positive response to the call of the great revolution terrified the coup masterminds.

God bless Egypt

Dr. Essam El-Erian

Freedom and Justice Party Vice-Chairman

Cairo – Tuesday, July 16, 2013