FJP Statement on the Escalation of Cabinet Clashes

FJP Statement on the Escalation of Cabinet Clashes

Ongoing violent clashes in the streets around the Egyptian Cabinet building, Qasr Al-Aini Street and streets of the surrounding area cast their heavy shadows on the Egyptian scene. Urgent action is required to stop these clashes. All parties, authorities and stakeholders must bear their national responsibility to stop the bloodshed and the chaos that tarnish the civilised image of the Egyptian revolution.

The Freedom and Justice party (FJP) calls upon the youths of Egypt, who gave true examples of patriotism and sacrifice, and were a unique model of compassion and cooperation during the January 25 revolution, and again during the current legislative elections, to foil the perverse plots of those desperate to derail the revolution, and to preserve public property belonging to the Egyptian people. Evidently, burning or destroying such government buildings and facilities can only serve the interests of the enemies of the Egyptian revolution. They must rid their ranks of vicious thugs hired to destroy Egypt, its facilities and its people.

Further, the FJP also calls upon the military to perform its national duty to stop these clashes, and to bring to justice all those responsible for this bloody escalation immediately, in order to maintain its status in the hearts of the Egyptian people. It is neither courteous nor wise for the military to give the opportunity to its enemies to tarnish its image and jeopardise its reputation among the Egyptian people.

Furthermore, the FJP calls on the so-called National Salvation government to stop the systematic violence and chaos that some Ministry of Interior chiefs still masterminding, totally disrupting this homeland’s security and stability.

In this context, the party renews its call for an urgent and immediate investigation of those behind these violent events. we also demand that the Prime Minister uncover the ‘hidden’ hands which he referred to in his recent speech, and that the security forces and authorities concerned expose those conspirators who ignite the situation whenever this homeland gets closer to stability.

We ask the honourable citizens of Egypt to take heed and be wary of the enemies of the revolution who seek to foment strife and support former regime schemers and corrupt plotters, to prevent the Egyptian people from fulfilling their dreams of freedom, democracy, stability and development. We are confident that those schemers will never succeed: “Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not” (Quran12: 21).

The Freedom and Justice Party