FJP Warns Against Disbanding Popular Party

FJP Warns Against Disbanding Popular Party

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) warned of the exploitation of Egypt’s judiciary in the disbanding of the party, pointing that it derives its legitimacy from the people, not the government’s besieged Parties Affairs Committee (PAC) or the politicized judiciary.

This came in a statement by the FJP, issued as the Supreme Administrative Court considered in a special session Saturday an official request from PAC to dissolve the FJP.

There are 10 formal complaints filed by supporters of the military coup in Egypt demanding the dissolution of the FJP, which achieved landslide wins in every democratic election it contested. A ruling is to be issued on August 4.

Full translation of the FJP statement:

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) warns against the continuation of using the Egyptian judiciary as a tool of the military coup in crushing the January 25 Revolution and all its gains, and in making politicized judgments contrary to the most essential constitutional laws, which destroys the dream of the people to live in freedom and social justice.

Absurdly, PAC sent a formal request to the Supreme Administrative Court demanding the dissolution of the FJP based solely on State Security Apparatus reports, at the same time when a decision is issued to cancel an earlier ruling that banned leaders of the defunct National Democratic Party (who were involved in corrupting political and economic life in Egypt) from running for parliament, now granting them rights to contest elections. The FJP affirms that it derives its legitimacy from the people, not from the besieged PAC or the politicized judiciary.

The FJP stresses that it will continue its work, and that the regime’s methods of repression and tyranny will only increase the determination of its members to continue the peaceful struggle for the restoration of the hijacked January 25 Revolution and for achieving all its goals for freedom and social justice.

Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo: July 18, 2014