FJP Women Committee Asserts Role of Women in the Nahda Project

FJP Women Committee Asserts Role of Women in the Nahda Project

Dr. Sabah Saqqary, head of the Women’s Affairs Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in central and southern Cairo, affirmed that women do play an important role in presenting and explaining Nahda Project, through advertising kiosks in the center of Cairo.

She added that playing such an important role is not new for women of the FJP, adding that they always took part in all FJP events and activities. They are now positively participating in Nahda Project and the presidential election activities as well.

Manal Hassan, head of the FJP Women’s Affairs Committee in Maadi (Cairo) pointed that girls, and women generally, play a significant role in explaining Nahda Project, thus launching a leadership of women initiative in Arab society at large, something which Nahda Project seeks to achieve.

Nermin Yousry, an active FJP member in Maadi, Cairo, said that girls in this new phase in the history of Egypt assert the role of women in building and development of the homeland at the current phase of democratic transformation that will bless all Egyptians.

Meanwhile, MP Azza Al-Garf, member of the FJP parliamentary bloc, urged everyone to come out to cast their votes on election day to complete State institutions rebuilding and to select the President of the country and implement Nahda Project.

MP Al-Garf assured that the Muslim Brotherhood has the most powerful medium of communication: direct face-to-face contact with the man or woman in the street, facing up to the corrupt media which distorts the facts and endeavors to broadcast disinformation every day.