FJP’s Farid Abdel-Halim: Betting on Former Regime Replication Delusional

FJP’s Farid Abdel-Halim: Betting on Former Regime Replication Delusional

During a seminar organized by the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Sharqiya province, Dr. Farid Ismail Abdel-Halim, a member of the FJP’s Executive Bureau, said: "Desperate attempts to thwart the Islamic project will never stop patriotic men and women devoted to making it a resounding success, although those hopeless attempts started since the ouster of Mubarak, and never achieved much.

"I say to those behind the ‘Rebel’ campaign: If you are able to mobilize, take part in forthcoming legislative elections. The party that will win the next elections will form the government, in which the Prime Minister will be equal to the President."

Dr. Abdel-Halim, who was the Chairman of the Defense and National Security Committee in the last People’s Assembly, added: "Those betting on a return of the former regime are simply dreaming, totally delusional.

“Mubarak cronies and hangovers planned to kill the elected President Mohamed Morsi, and declare a so-called Presidential Council on the night they tried to storm Itehadia Presidential Palace in Cairo, when Muslim Brotherhood members defended legitimacy with their blood and lives.

"There is a huge Arab-funded campaign to distort and discredit the Suez Canal Region Development project. This is very similar to the misinformation campaigns against the Constituent Assembly that drafted Egypt’s Constitution, where hostile media broadcast an average of 65 hours a day of anti-assembly propaganda."

He stressed that, "There must be community participation without exclusion or marginalization of anyone. Egypt is more important than the FJP, the Muslim Brotherhood and all other parties, groups and movements.

"I expect completion of the new bread-distribution system within the next two months, as citizens start using smart cards."

Dr. Abdel-Halim further assured that the future is bright and the hope is great, reminding that Dr. Morsi became President of Egypt in just 23 days.