Flagman: That’s The Least I Can Do!

Flagman: That’s The Least I Can Do!

“Every adventurer takes the pleasure” that was the first sentence Ahmed ElShahat, or flagman, uttered when he climbed down the Israeli embassy building after replacing the Israeli flag with the Egyptian one.

“The idea was very impromptu, after monitoring security patrol I took my chance to climb the building” this is how Ahmed ElShahat recalled Egyptian’s new victory. AlShahat continued climbing the building amid the chants supporting and encouraging him to keep going, also there were a lot of whispers stating that this is the least we can do for our martyrs.

After removing the Israeli flag and replacing it with the Egyptian one, ElGamaa Bridge transformed into a field for celebration that accompanies the winning of the Egyptian football teams and that happened before on the 11th of February after Mubarak Stepped down.

AlShahat, who came from Zagazig to stand in solidarity with the martyrs’ families in front of the Israeli embassy, stated that the claims that snipers were present on top of the building never intimidated him.

He also expressed that he’s happy and convinced with what he did, adding that he had millions of goals when he took down the flag, stating that his feeling is that of each and every Egyptian.

He also assured, while talking to the presenter of AlJazeera, that he did what billions of Arabs wished to do, and that removing the flag is the simplest action that could be taken after Egyptian soldiers were killed in Sinai.

AlShahat also added that he never did this for personal glory but rather to deliver a message to those who want to kill Egyptians.