Flagrant Voting regularities

In el-Sharqia governorate, Associated Press reporter, Amer Nabeil, was bodily assaulted by thugs hired by the National Democratic Party when he was covering voting irregularities committed in el-Zaqaziq City. Moreover, the reporters of el-Hurrah Channel were dismissed. Police keep out the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s nominee, Muhammad Morsy, lifting their cordon when the NDP’s backers show up. Furthermore, police detained Morsy and some of his supporter in el-Nasseria School. In inhuman action, a female voter was attacked and dragged on the ground till her veil was taken off.  
In Menia el-Kamh constituency, furious clashes erupted between policemen and voters left more than 100 injured. In addition, ten voters were wounded in Meet Sahial area.    
In el-Daqhlia governorate, policemen abducted the son of the Muslim Brotherhood’s nominee in Bandar Sherbeen constituency. 
In Talkha constituency, three monitors of human right organizations were detained. Reporters of Ikhwan online were abducted and their equipment was confiscated.
In Sohag, the Brotherhood’s nominee is badly injured. In Gamal el-Dean polling centers were closed two hours before the end of vote.