Flotilla detainees released and Israel vows to intercept again

Flotilla detainees released and Israel vows to intercept again

The activists from more than 35  different countries were on board  the six aid ships bound for Gaza, carrying over 10 000 tons of aid. They were in international waters 110 km outside the so called Israeli territory when the raid took place

Worldwide rage followed the Israeli military massacre and numerous countries withdrew their ambassadors and summoned Israeli officials demanding an investigation. Turkish foreign minister Davutoglu maintained that future ties with Israel was highly linked with the lifting of the blockade on Gaza

An attack that went wrong Israeli marine officials commented that it took place under difficult circumstances however they received no sympathy from the world after killing 20 innocent peace activists. None of the victims’ identities have been publicly announced yet. Four Egyptians were on board the ships including 2 members from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc

Other ships are still attempting to bust the blockade on Gaza and it is expected they may reach their destination before Friday. However Israel has vowed it will not allow other ships from reaching the Hamas run territories as they believe the cargo includes military arms and ammunition. Since much criticism has been made to the blockade Egypt has attempted to ease the tension by opening the Rafah crossing which is the only non secured Israeli border


 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed concern warning  that careful, and thoughtful responses to Israel ’s interception of the flotilla was necessary