Follow Up : Pre the 4th of May ,the day before the storm

Follow Up : Pre the 4th of May ,the day before the storm

It is 24 hours before the second strike on the birthday of Mubarak.

Press Round:

Today I found Al Ahram newspaper in the first page publishing this piece saying “4 th of May a day for the nation !!” calling to make this day , a day for hard work and production , man I thought these terms were the 1960s socialist days in Egypt . Al Ahram starting from tomorrow will publish a supplement , the annual supplement in Mubarak”s birthday about his achievements !!

The Chief in editor of Al Ahram who is a NDPian by the way described the Egyptian youth in his page yesterday as rude and were not raised on good manners , that they are from wealthy classes whose parents did not teach them manners what so ever because they were busy collecting fortunes thanks to Mubarak welfare economic policies !!

Also Akhabr Al Youm had its share from hypocrisy today , its chief in editor Mumtaz El-Kut wrote a whole page saying why we love Mubarak !!

The big surprise today is that Israa is back to become a rebel , she wrote exclusively to Al-Dostor daily about her experience and what she feels and thinks. I read it and I think the girl is back again to answer all these attacks and also all the regime claims about her that she is weak girl who learnt a lesson of a life time.

On TV :

Anyhow Al Jazeera international is celebrating the President”s birthday on its own way just like its old big sister . They will air a special program called “a nation in waiting ” , very meaningful interesting title, it is about the last 25 years, it will be aired on the following times :

Saturday 3rd May 1900 GMT

Sunday 4th May 0000 GMT, 0500 GMT, 1000 GMT

Events and protests :

To all Egyptians in Chicago ,there will be a demo in front of the Egyptian Consulate in Chicago on Friday the 9th of May. It will be from 10 am to 2 pm Chicago Local time.

The Egyptian activists behind the demo are demanding the following :

The immediate release of all detainees that were arrested in the course of the strike and demonstrations that took place in the city of Mahalla as well as a number of Egyptian cities on April 6.

An investigation into the killing of two people in Mahalla on April 6 by Security Forces’ bullets and the necessary measures to hold the perpetrators accountable.

The legislation of a new labor law that allows for union plurality, and ensures the independence of unions, in accordance with the International Labor Organization’s Convention 67 (Freedom of Association & Protection of the Right to Organize) and Convention 98 (Right to Organize & Collective Bargaining).

The raising of wages in both the public and private sectors, to match the inflation rates, and the implementation of workers’ demands including better job security and working conditions.

The revision (by a civil court) of the jail sentences pronounced by the Military Tribunals against members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

An immediate end to police brutality and government-organized thuggery, and the reinforcement of accountability among the Police and State Security Forces.

Free and transparent elections to select true representatives of the Egyptian people in parliament, professional syndicates and trade unions. The supervision of the elections by a neutral electoral commission and an end to police interference in the whole electoral process.

State fulfillment of the rights to education, health care, and humane standards of living for all.

You can participate in this event in different ways :

Signing this petition

Forward this information widely

Attend the picket, taking place downtown Chicago on May 9, at the entrance of the Egyptian Consulate, and bring as many people as possible.

Call or fax the Egyptian Consulate to register your protest: Phone: (312) 828-9162; Fax: (312) 828-9167 Here is the event page at Facebook

The address of the Egyptian Consulate in Chicago is : 500 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago