Follow-up to Contraventions in Nasser City

Follow-up to Contraventions in Nasser City

In the poll that located in Omar Makram School, some former prisoners, hired by the National Democratic Party, attempted to assault the agents of the Moslem Brotherhood nominee in Nasser City district, Makarm el-Derey.


In the voting station no.66, one of the supervisory judiciary commission marks all ballot papers for the favor of the candidate of the National Democratic Party.


In the electoral polling station no.63, a voter tried to revote for the nominee of the NDP. After being discovered, he was detained by the judiciary monitors.


In the electoral commission located in el-Saida Nefessa School, the general manger of INPY Company was dismissed, upon making propaganda for the NDP candidates.


In the poll no.14, one of the judiciary commission dismissed Dr. Makarm el-Derey, the MB nominee, without any justification. Therefore, she went to the Nasser City police station to report him.


A number of voters were photographed while taking money in order to elect the NPD nominees.


In Safia Zakhlol poll, the electoral registered names are recorded without the last name; a situation that prevents about 1000 voters to cast votes, most of them are for the favor of Makarm.