For The First Time, IPU Condemns Israel’s Aggression

The Human Rights Committee affiliated to the International Parliamentary Union (IPU) released a decision condemning Israel for abducting and detaining members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and Hamas –led government. This decision was also posted by the Union’s secretary general to the Israeli ambassador to Geneva. The IPU affiliated committee moved only after a complaint lodged by the Egyptian People’s Assembly to the IPU on the recent Israeli aggression.

The Egyptian PA Committee of Defense, National Security and Mobilization had earlier yesterday released a statement condemning the brutalities committed by the Israeli forces which target civilians and infrastructure and vital facilities. The statement attributed this savage aggression on the part of Israel to the Palestinian and Lebanese people backing their respective resistance. The committee in its statement expressed its deep concern over the crimes committed by the occupation forces against humanity and holy places in violation of all the international laws and norms. The statement held Israel responsible for savage aggression and measures of blockade imposed on the people of Palestine and Lebanon which the statement depicted as a collective punishment as well as a crime war, citing the fourth Geneva Convention released in 1949 which incriminates the targeting of civilians. It asserted that the recent Israeli escalation has brought the Middle East back to square one and threatened security and stability in the region.

The statement conveyed to the Union the anger state of affairs prevailing the Egyptian people due to the Israeli crimes against the unarmed civilians which went as far as to target women and children. It demanded a swift and unconditional ceasefire to make way for resolving the crisis in peaceful means.


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