Foreign activists take part in protest rally in JV

Foreign activists take part in protest rally in JV

 JERICHO, — Inhabitants of Jaftelk village, Jericho district, in the Jordan Valley organized a protest sit-in on Saturday with the participation of foreign solidarity activists against Israeli settlement activity.

The rally was held following the recent Israeli confiscation of 25 dunums of the Jaftelk land, which would isolate 32 families, 120 individuals, from their land and property.

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) already controls 95% of the area and is trying to expropriate the remaining 5%.

Shehda Du’ais, a villager whose land is threatened with confiscation, said that the IOA and the Jewish settlers were daily attacking Palestinian land and property, affirming that such practices would not terrorize the indigenous people of the land.

A Norwegian solidarity activist lashed out at the IOA illegal measures and oppression, adding that the Palestinian people are entitled to have their own country.

He vowed to convoy what he saw to the people and government of Norway and to join more rallies in support of the Palestinian people.