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  • January 26, 2010
  • 2 minutes read

Former chairman attends Ihsan Abdul Quddus’ commemoration

Former chairman attends Ihsan Abdul Quddus’ commemoration


Former chairman of the MB Mahdi Akef participated in a celebration organized by the Press Syndicate the 20th commemoration of renowned writer Ihsan Abdul Quddus.


In a statement to “Ikhwanweb” Akef stressed that his attendance to the celebration was not only in response to the invitation but was also in appreciation and affection of the late writer and novelist who holds a special place in his heart.


Emad Abou Ghazy Secretary General of the Cultural Committee paid tribute to the great writer saying that homage is due to Abdul Quddus who was not only an author but also a social activist. His accurate account, which was supported by evidence, on the Palestine War, the corrupt arms scandals and the open interference in the courts to try to falsify the facts of the case, resulted in his imprisonment during the reign of King Farouk.


Movie critic Tarek Shenawi added, “Abdul Quddus was open to criticism and improvement even when he was a writer on “Rose al Yusuf” magazine which added to his many admirable qualities something the new generation could learn.


Literary Awards bearing Abdul Quddus’ name were presented during the commemoration to the Literary, short story and critical novel section with the noted absence of the President of the Press Syndicate Mohamed Makram.


Among the distinguished and eminent guests present during the celebration  were Cultural Minister Farouk Hosny, Movie Critic Tarek Shenawi, Kefaya member and journalist Abdul Halim Qandil and founder of “Engineers against sequestration” Eng. Omar Abdullah.


A film was run documenting the renowned journalist, writer and social activist’s life and accomplishments.