• May 27, 2011

Former Egyptian VP: Mubarak Was Aware of Details of Killing Protesters

Former Egyptian VP: Mubarak Was Aware of Details of Killing Protesters

Major General Omar Soliman, vice-president of former president Mubarak and former Head of Intelligence, described the details of Mubarak’s involvement in the killing of protesters and he condemns the crime.

In his statement before the judicial bodies he said that Mubarak instructed the Armed Forces and the General Intelligence to follow the protesters and places where the protests were taking place.  He also said that Mubarak was receiving hourly reports from Habib Al-Adly, former Minister of Interior.

He pointed out that the reports included all the killings of protesters and the use of live ammunition and rubber bullets against them in order to thwart the revolution and keep Mubarak in power. Soliman stated that Mubarak never objected to the use of live ammunition with the protesters.

Soliman confirmed that Mubarak was aware of everything that happened including the number of people who fell dead; men, women and children, as well as those who were injured.

Mubarak was also aware of all the violent actions of the Ministry of Interior and of the incident in which they ran people over with their vehicles and the use of force to disperse the crowds; however, he never objected to these acts but he got involved and took part in them.

Known for his ruling with an iron fist Mubarak and his corrupt regime had toppled following a revolution which began January 25.

Mubarak supported by the Interior Ministry continued over three decades to oppress the people launching numerous crackdowns on all who dared oppose his rule. Many political opposition and activists mainly from the Muslim Brotherhood, spent years behind bars facing torture during the process, and having private funds and assets confiscated.