Former parliamentary candidates warn of repeating Shura election rigging

Former parliamentary candidates warn of repeating Shura election rigging

 Former Shura Candidates warned of a re-run of the sham which took place in June’s mid-term Shura Council elections in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.


In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, they claimed that numerous signals suggest that the Interior Ministry intends to intervene in favour of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP).


Hosni Omar, MB candidate for the 2007 Shura Council elections in Damanhour, Beheira stressed that it is not a very promising beginning especially since Egypt ‘s Interior Ministry insists on supervising the elections and working, against the people’s interests.


“MB candidates will follow the necessary legitimate measures guaranteed by law adding that Mubarak’s ruling regime is the first to deviate from the regulations laid down despite their claims that they show respect to the law”.

He explained that the ruling regime is evidently facing instability and confusion in fear of losing dominance over seats in the forthcoming parliamentary elections demonstrated in the escalation of the Party’s internal conflicts.


Former candidates, Abdul Rashid Helal, Leftist Tagammu’, Dr. Salah Abdel Motaal, Labor, Hamdy Radwan, MB,  Mohamed Awad al-Zayat, MB, and  Eid Dahroug, MB candidate in the Shura Council elections, predicted that the Higher Commission for Elections will fail to take the initiative and oversee the entire electoral process.

According to the candidates the Interior Ministry’s dominance over the Higher Committee for Election’s supervision of the elections is nothing short of a prelude to a large-scale electoral fraud.


Eid Dahroug, MB candidate for Sharqiya maintained that “Persecution, arrests and security harassments are also expected ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in addition to acts of aggression perpetrated by the government against its opponents”.