Forty Brotherhood Inquiries on the Egyptian Ship Disaster

The Muslim Brotherhood’s MPs lodged 40 urgent inquiries to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transportation concerning the Egyptian ship which sank off the Port of Safaga on the Red Sea leaving more 1000 dead.

In Their accounts, the lawmakers accused the government of negligence and carelessness regarding the disaster. According to official reports, communications with the ship were lost two hours before sinking and during this crucial time recsue operations should of have been initiated.

The Brotherhood’s legislatives put the blame on the executive authorities which are responsible for the absence of marine safety measures on the ship. They also inquired about compensations for victims.

The Brotherhood’s MPs demanded the government to offer an accurate account on the circumstances of this tragedy and the preventative procedures that guarantee non reoccurrence of such calamity. They, moreover, pressed for the swift punishment of responsible parties.

On the other hand, a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood headed by representatives of Suez City, Abbas Abdel Aziz and Saad Khalifa, was dispatched to the disaster scene to oversee the rescue and recovery mission and update the nation with the latest developments and the accurate statistics. They offered their condolences to families of victims.