Foul play by the regime

Foul play by the regime

 The Egyptian government continues to refuse to release a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, despite numerous acquittals. Cairo is also showering false accusations against MB leader Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh and five other Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the same case.

Political powers and intellectuals condemned the decision by the Attorney General to renew the detention of Aboul Fotouh, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau and  Secretary-General of the Cairo-based Union of Arab Doctors. Aboul Fotouh has been lambasted by the government with a host of accusations and fabricated lies, including money laundering gained through terrorism and the organizing of a global network.

  Abdul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud, the top MB defense lawyer, has stated previously that "proof of their innocence is the court acquitting them not once, but a number of times, however they still remain detained despite release orders."

The five other members facing the same charges who remain detained with Aboul Fotouh are:

Dr Gamal Abdul Salam

Ali Hadeedy

Ahmed Ali Abbas

Reda Fahmy

Abdul Rahman Algamal