Four MB Activists Arrested In Luxor, Kafr El-Sheikh

Four MB Activists Arrested In Luxor, Kafr El-Sheikh

Egyptian security forces raided the houses of three MB activists in Luxor Sunday dawn, April 26, arresting Nasser Abdel-Sattar Mohamed, a 32-year old high school teacher from El-Toud village in Luxor, and Abdel-Ghany Abdul-Muttalib Selim, 32 years.


State security forces had also raided the house of Galal Haggag Ahmed, a high school teacher, despite his absence at the time and insisted on remaining in his house for around an hour.


It is the third time this month that a number of MB activists from Luxor are arrested and presented before prosecution on several charges including, primarily, their affiliation with the MB society.


In Kafr El-Sheikh, security forces also arrested Ayman Mohamed Hegazy, a teacher, and Abdullah Hindawy, an instructor in the Ministry of Education.


These arrests take place as part of the large-scale security campaign launched against MB leaders and members.