Four MB Arrested From Sharqyia

Four MB Arrested From Sharqyia

Egyptian security forces arrested four Muslim Brotherhood members on Monday November 10, 2008.

Those detained are Dr, Mohamed El Hawari, Dr. Amgad Abdul Aziz, Abdullah EL Zahwi, and Abu Obaidah EL Aqid.

Faqous Prosecution issued arrest warrants last Sunday against five Brotherhood affiliates among whom four have been already arrested.

In Sharqyia, security forces stormed into public conference organized by MP Farid Ismail on Friday evening in which Brotherhood MP was to review his achievements during the recent parliamentary term and his plans for the next term which commenced last Wednesday.

During this event, 30 ones were abducted; 26 of them were ordered released but still in custody, and the rest were imprisoned for 15 days on charges of participating in the Brotherhood conference. They were recently ordered released by Faqous Prosecution.