Four Students Expelled, 64 Others Investigated At Mansoura University

Four Students Expelled, 64 Others Investigated At Mansoura University

The University of Mansoura referred huge numbers of the MB students to disciplinary probes at several faculties.

Faculty of Commerce referred 12 MB affiliates to investigations due to organizing a demonstration against forging and manipulating students union”s election, and referred other 13 students to probes on charges of planning for the “Free Union” inside the faculty and garnering their fellow students for other elections against the faculty”s administration.

The same faculty also sent postal warnings to six MB students due to joining an outlawed Brotherhood and participating in the “Reception” activities for the university”s new comers.

Deputy Head of the faculty for Education and Students Affairs threatened the MB affiliates of referring them to disciplinary board unless they stop the elections.

The faculty of Education referred two students to investigations on charges of welcoming the new comers and distributing sweets among the first year students.

The faculty referred other three students to investigations on charges of publicizing for the “Free Union”, other eleven due to participating in the demonstration, and other seven for organizing the “Free Union” elections.

Veterinary Faculty dismissed four MB students for two weeks for welcoming the new students after more than four weeks of investigations for the same reason.

Engineering Faculty referred ten MB affiliates to probes for welcoming the new students and distributing the “Faculty”s Directory”.

“Such investigations are an evident proof of the success of the Free Union,” said the University MB spokesperson in a statement to Ikhwanweb and added that he expects escalation after the events that took place at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine leading to severe injuries.

He expressed surprise over investigations that began six weeks later than welcoming the new students; which is the main charge.