Fourth free Gaza sea voyage sets sail from Cyprus

Fourth free Gaza sea voyage sets sail from Cyprus
The Free Gaza movement announced that the “Dignity” ship has set sail from Cyprus on Monday to the Gaza Strip with one ton of medical supplies along with solidarity activists.
In a statement released by Drs. Jonathan Rosenhead and Mike Cushman of the London School of Economics, the academics stated that they were pleased to be traveling to Gaza aboard the Dignity.
In addition to the British academics, this fourth voyage will include a British surgeon traveling to Gaza to volunteer in local hospitals for the next several weeks, as well as international human rights workers and journalists.
Lubna Masarwa, one of the Free Gaza organizers, stated that, “Gaza doesn”t need charity. What Gaza needs is sustained political action aimed at overcoming this vicious siege. We are unarmed civilians carrying desperately needed supplies to other unarmed civilians. It would be obscene for Israel to use violence to stop us.”
The passengers on board the Dignity also include a Palestinian man who has been denied the right to return to his family in Gaza, according to the movement”s statement.
Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti charitable society said that it would send a ship loaded with foodstuff and medicine to the Gaza Strip within the few coming days.
The Kuwaiti international Rahma (Mercy) society said that the ship would sail from Cyprus carrying 7.5 tons of relief material.