Frauds in Bolaq and el-Amrania

Frauds in Bolaq and el-Amrania

Ikhwan online

In the beginning of the polling day, the electoral stations, in Bolaq and el-Amrania, of Cairo, were free-problem except that of el-Konisah School where some contraventions were committed.


In the poll no. 124, all journalists and agents of candidates were dismissed. In addition, vote buying was publicly declared. In polling station no. 128, an unexpected infringement occurred; the supervisory judge directed his pistol at voters crying to vacate the station. He, in addition, kicked the agents out threatening to arrest them, if stayed. He proclaimed that “no one can prevent him from doing whatever he likes.”


Following the voting count, the candidate of the National Democratic Party, Omer Zaid, got 12.000 votes, Gamal el-Ashrey, the nominee of the Moslem Brotherhood obtained 9.000 votes, NDP candidate, Ahmed Sameh, gained 5.000 votes, and el-Mandorh el-Husseiny, an independent candidate, got 4.000 votes.


However, after committing frauds, the final declared result showed el-Husseiny in the first place, 12.000 votes, and Omer Zaid in the second rank. Thus, Gamal el-Ashrey was deliberately fallen.