Free Doweik and his colleagues

Friends of Humanity International
calls defenders of justice to participate in the
“Free Doweik and his Colleagues” Campaign

Since the announcement of the results of the Palestinian legislative elections that took place in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in January 2006, the Israeli Occupational Forces (IOF) undertook despotic arrests against the  speaker of the Palestinian  legislative council Mr. Aziz Doweik besides more than forty council members.  In 2002 and 2003 the IFO had arrested two members of the preceding term of the Palestinian legislative council, Mr. Marwan Al Barghouthy (who was reelected for the last term) and Mr. Hossam Khader.


In view of the fact that these arrests constitute unprecedented grave injustice, Friends of Humanity International calls all justice defenders all over the world to take part in this campaign that aims to urge all concerned parliamentarians and international organizations to pressure the Israeli Occupation Government to free the forty two parliament members immediately.