• April 7, 2013
  • 2 minutes read

Free Syrian Army Denies Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Supplied Arms

Free Syrian Army Denies Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Supplied Arms

The Free Syrian Army denied ‘reports’ published in Arab newspapers Saturday claiming the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is supplying it with arms.

In statements to Anatolia news agency, Abdul-Hamid Zakaria, spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Free Syrian Army, said: "I am baffled by these statements that can only be described as ‘pure nonsense’.

"We rely on three sources of weapons, the first being what we win over from the regime’s regular forces when we attack military units or camps. This is the source of about 95% of our weapons, while the remaining five percent comes from arms traffickers and the regime’s regular army officers who sell us weapons for cash."

Earlier on Saturday, press reports claimed the Free Syrian Arm was in possession of ‘Egyptian-made’ missiles which it uses in battles against Assad regime on the Lebanese-Syrian border. The reports said that these missiles were supplied by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, Zakaria pointed that there has been no change in the types of weapons needed by the Free Army for the decisive battle with Bashar Al-Assad’s regime.