Freed Activist Asks You to Help Release Others Still Detained in Egypt’s Jails

A message from Alaa Ahmed Seif al-Islam, an award-winning Egyptian blogger who was detained on May 7 for participating in a demonstration in solidarity with reformist judges, and released on June 20, after much international attention and pressure, including an appeal from Human Rights First.

I write to you as a free man. But many of my friends and fellow human rights activists are still in detention, and need your help.

Mohammed al-Sharqawi and Karim al-Sha’ir were detained in Cairo on May 25, while taking part in a demonstration commemorating the anniversary of police violence against journalists and protestors the previous year. Only two days before the protest, both Mohammed and Karim had been released from prison for their earlier participation in protests. They were forcefully taken away by groups of plain clothed security officers, and beaten. Mohammed al-Sharqawi was later tortured and sexually harassed by security officers.

They remain unjustly imprisoned and subjected to torture and ill-treatment for criticizing the lack of democratic freedoms in Egypt. Mohammed has smuggled letters from his prison cell that were published on his blog which describe the torture and sexual abuse that he has suffered, and he continues to be denied necessary medical care.

I can testify to the impact of international support, both in providing hope to imprisoned human rights defenders and in securing their release. Please join Human Rights First in calling for the immediate release of Mohammed al-Sharqawi, Karim al-Sha’ir, and all other courageous advocates of human rights in Egypt.”

Thank You,
Alaa Ahmed Seif al-Islam

alaa Seif, the leftist blogger who has recently come out of prison, is appealing to you to help release his friends Mohamed Sharqawi and Kareem el-Sha3er.
Please check out the appeal on Human Rights First website.
3alaa, and other leftists, have been also campaigning for the release of Muslim Brothers detainees.
Mr. El-Sa3id Ramadan, one of the editors of Ikhwan Web, sent me a list of the MB detainees who were mostly picked up during pro-democracy demos. The number of detainees had exceeded 900 since last March, but it has gone down to less than 600 detainees at the moment, according to Ramadan, as there has been some recent releases.
The list is in Arabic, and there are missing names (for some reason the file was corrupt), which Ramadan has promised to send in soon. We’ll be updating the list as we receive more names.
(If you are a Muslim Brother activist, and know more names, please contact the website administrator, and we’ll add the names you know.)

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