• August 24, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Freedom and Justice Party: British Government Report Affirms Good Relationship

Freedom and Justice Party: British Government Report Affirms Good Relationship

Mohamed Soudan, Foreign Relations official at the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP  the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which has just been officially dissolved by the military junta) commented on Financial Times leaks about the Whitehall report on the investigation into the activities and ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain, saying it was simply a non-official declaration in the British newspaper, re-published by Reuter.

The FT said the report of the committee that investigated the ideology, methodology and activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United Kingdom has concluded that the group, both in the UK and abroad, has not changed its ideas or ideology, despite suffering in many countries; and therefore cannot be labelled as a terrorist organization.

An FT source said that the committee completed its report in a timely manner and handed it over to the British government. However, certain conflicts within the cabinet – due to pressures from some Gulf states on some ministers, forced the government to delay announcement of the findings of that report. But on the following day, the government announced that the FT story was totally baseless and that the reason for the delay is that ministers are carefully studying the report.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb (the Muslim Brotherhood’s official English website), Soudan added: "It seems clear that there are some differences in the corridors of Whitehall, which delayed the announcement of the findings. In any event, we hold that Britain is the land of law and order and just institutions. We are confident there is nothing that could shame or incriminate the Muslim Brotherhood in any way, neither in Britain nor abroad. We are therefore satisfied with the investigation and its conclusion, and hope the report does not get distorted in any way before it is finally released.

"Successive British governments have worked with the Muslim Brotherhood for decades, knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood ideology is reformist, moderate and tolerant. This is why Abu-Hamza’s mosque (in London) was handed over to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is also why, until this very moment, the British government  entrusts Muslim Brotherhood members with the task of giving lectures to young British Muslims in order to improve their moral character and attract them away from radicalism and violence in solving their problems.

"We are waiting for the government’s official announcement of  the report."