Freedom and Justice Party: Czech President Remarks Contradict Reality

Freedom and Justice Party: Czech President Remarks Contradict Reality
Dr Abdul-Mawgood Dardery, spokesman for the Foreign Relations Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said Czech President Miloš Zeman’s remarks about the Muslim Brotherhood being responsible for the influx of refugees into Europe were contrary to reality.

The Czech President Miloš Zeman Monday accused the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt of being responsible for the influx of about one million immigrants to Europe.

Dr Dardery added that tyranny and despotism in Arab countries, with the clear connivance of the world community, is evidently what cause the forced displacement of refugees and their migration to Europe, certainly not the Muslim Brotherhood which is a peaceful group that believes in democracy, and whose leaders and supporters are being viciously persecuted by the junta in Egypt through fascist campaigns – because they chose the democratic and non-violent revolutionary path in their resistance to the illegitimate military coup.

Dr Dardery pointed that the Muslim Brotherhood is by no means the cause of this wave of forced displacement – as certain Arab politicians conveyed to the Czech president, adding that the West and the tyranny and despotism of Arab rulers and politicians caused the influx of refugees.

He further said that the Muslim Brotherhood supports the stability of the world, but that Europe cannot turn a blind eye to what’s happening to those refugees, nor should it accuse a well-known group such as the Brotherhood of such acts.

Dr Dardery urged the world community to shoulder its humanitarian responsibilities and not to evade them under absurd and unrealistic banners, adding that world peace requires that European officials, especially the Czech government, stand firm in support of freedoms, rights and democracy in the Arab world, and to refrain from supporting dictatorships and military coups.