Freedom and Justice Party: Egyptian People Rejects Opposition Coup on Democracy

Freedom and Justice Party: Egyptian People Rejects Opposition Coup on Democracy

 On Tuesday June 18, a number of governorates across Egypt witnessed an unprecedented wave of criminal and violent acts of thuggery, savagery and sabotage by political parties, groups and movements that adopt violence and terror having failed to gain the confidence of the people in all free elections that followed the January 25 Revolution, the most recent of which was the presidential election.

In the city of Tanta (capital of Gharbiya Governorate, north of Cairo), a number of Rebel movement and so-called National Salvation Front (NSF) members attacked the Governorate HQ, in an attempt to prevent the newly-appointed governor from performing his duties. Then, they set fire to a number of shops around the building.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Tanta’s HQ was also torched, while a small group of Rebel members attacked the family home of Saad Al-Husseini, governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, and burned his private car.

In Menoufia, dozens of Rebel and NSF members closed the gates of the governorate HQ, wrote obscene phrases on the walls of the building, and attacked a number of local residents who came out in support of the new governor.

The same scenario of violence, vandalism and savagery was repeated in the provinces of Dakahlia, Beheira and Beni-Suef and Luxor, with the collaboration of a number of known criminals and hired thugs.

Moreover, in Alexandria, a number of thugs attacked a peaceful public rally organized by the Muslim Brotherhood to commemorate the approach of the holy month of Ramadan. Here, criminal assaults caused many injuries, including three critical ones.

In this regard, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) strongly condemns all these criminal acts of violence and sabotage and says as follows:

* Tuesday’s acts of violence and thuggery in a number of provinces is an early indication of the illegitimate schemes prepared by powerless opposition in alliance corrupt Mubarak regime holdovers and cronies in order to drag the country into a spiral of chaos, confusion and destruction.

* History has shown that Islamist demonstrations always end peacefully, while Rebel and NSF demonstrations always end in violence, Molotov bombs, birdshot, the storming of State institutions and the torching of State and private property.

* Competent State bodies must bear the responsibility of protecting citizens and property in addition to political parties HQs as well as all peaceful gatherings.

The Interior Ministry must hold accountable all those who fail to perform their duties in the maintenance of security and safety of homeland and citizens. It must also take all necessary action against acts of sabotage, chaos and anarchy planned by the Rebel movement in collaboration with remnants of the former regime.

* All patriotic groups and movements and political parties must condemn and denounce these criminal acts and remove any political cover from acts of violence and savagery.

We hold leaders of the NSF, especially Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, Amr Moussa, Dr. Sayed Badawi and Hamdeen Sabbahi, responsible for the violence for refusing all dialogue and for their insistence on an alliance with the remnants of the ousted Mubarak regime who still have on their hands the blood of Egyptian people.

In the end, the FJP reaffirms its commitment to dialogue, and urges the opposition to respond to the many initiatives that call for non-violence.

Furthermore, the FJP expresses great confidence in the Egyptian people’s awareness and ability to thwart all plots and conspiracies being hatched against them, which are aimed at undermining the homeland’s security and stability.