Freedom and Justice Party: Sharm El-Sheikh Economic Conference Treaties Null and Void

Freedom and Justice Party: Sharm El-Sheikh Economic Conference Treaties Null and Void

 The bloody military coup created and supported terrorism in Egypt in order to find an excuse to kill Egyptians, suppress freedoms, shutter factories and companies, plunder money and property, and persecute, imprison or chase away businessmen who reject the coup.

In spite of all these crimes, the military coup has failed on all fronts. Begging campaigns will not succeed in reinforcing the junta’s economic pillars that collapsed, taking many vital sectors to square one.

The military gang that sells out the homelands’ resources and offers Egypt’s wealth and land for sale, in shady deals, will not reap from these crimes but shame and disgrace. Patriotic Egyptians will not allow the military junta to trample and sell off their rights, the rights of their children and the rights of their homeland.

Anyone who believes that these suspicious transactions will bring good to Egypt and achieve the people’s hopes and aspirations to live in freedom, human dignity and social justice is certainly mistaken.

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) is confident that the Egyptian people are alert and aware, and able to challenge the junta and stop these crimes. The FJP will not stand idle as the illegitimate coup regime sells off the Egyptian people’s wealth. The FJP will continue its peaceful struggle until it ousts that corrupt gang and reinstates legitimacy and popular will, which were so brutally trampled by the military junta.

Furthermore, the FJP assures participants in the so-called economic conference that any investment or economic agreements signed by the military junta or the traitor Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi are null and void, and the Egyptian people are not and will not be bound by them.

Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo: Thursday – March 12, 2015