• July 9, 2013

Freedom and Justice Party: Declaration Unconstitutional, Null and Void

Freedom and Justice Party: Declaration Unconstitutional, Null and Void

Dr. Essam El-Erian, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Vice-Chairman, said – on his Facebook page – that the constitutional declaration issued Tuesday usurps legislative authority from the Council elected by the people, and drags the country back to a point before the March 19, 2011 referendum, back to zero.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, the so-called interim president appointed by the military issued a ‘constitutional’ declaration that included a timetable to amend the national charter, hold parliamentary and presidential elections within six months, and grants the president the authority to issue laws after consultation with the new government.

Dr. Erian said, "This is an unconstitutional declaration, issued by a person appointed by putschists. Have the Egyptian people become a testing ground for coup commanders? "

He expressed amazement at the process of appointing rather than electing constitutional panel members.

"A constitutional committee is appointed, a panel of experts is appointed, and a president is appointed to prepare constitutional amendments, again!

"Egypt will not give up. The Egyptian people made their constitution by elected members of Parliament, and approved it in a popular referendum. What the putschists are planning now is a coup against the Constitution."

Dr. Erian concluded, saying, "Everything is crystal-clear now. The target is not just the President, but the identity of the nation and the rights and freedoms of the people and its democratic system which is guaranteed by the Constitution."

Ahmed Abu-Baraka, a member of the FJP’s Legal Committee, said: "This presidential decree is one of the steps and procedures of the military coup and the usurpers of legitimate authority, which cannot be recognized, nor any of its results. It is illegal, null and void.

"In this unconstitutional declaration, they talk about the sovereignty of the people, while they forcibly seize that for themselves. They talk about independence of the judiciary, while every day they fabricate cases, accusing victims of crimes they never committed. We are witnessing a most heinous crime. It is a de facto coup against electoral legitimacy and the Constitution."