Freedom and Justice Party Calls for Activating Role of Women Politically, Socially

Freedom and Justice Party Calls for Activating Role of Women Politically, Socially

 On the sidelines of celebrations of International Women’s Day, the first conference of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Women’s Committee in Cairo concluded its activities with adoption of a number of important recommendations in the near future, and honoring of some of the mothers and widows of martyrs of the January 25 revolution.

The conference’s recommendations emphasized the importance of commitment to Islamic reference in issues pertaining to family, women and children; invited decision makers and thinkers to revitalize the Egyptian family; urged the National Research Center to meet the needs of decision makers, suggested the formation of specialized advisory committees to assist parliamentarians; called for use of scientific and research centers in monitoring community changes; invited specialized institutions to commit to Islamic values and principles ??in their projects and events; and invited all parties to empower women and activate their role within all their secretariats or committees, to provide them with necessary support.

Moreover, conference recommendations called on trade and labor unions in Egypt to empower women; add a greater number of women to candidate lists to form a consortium of NGOs; refuse foreign pressure and interference. Recommendations also stressed the need to activate the role of women in building new modern Egypt; emphasized the essential role of women in the rejuvenation project; encouraged efforts to increase awareness in society of the importance to adopt a policy of always choosing the most efficient, regardless of gender; demanded care for the family as a unit (husband, wife and children – where every one of them knows his or her role), suggested reconsideration of all ‘notorious’ laws and legislation that harmed the Egyptian family; urged bolstering of support and care for the family; pressed for the constitution to assist women in carrying out their roles in society, and called for preparation or rehabilitation of female heads of households, psychologically, socially, and culturally.

Meanwhile, Dr. Manal Abul Hassan, Chairwoman of FJP Women’s Committee in Cairo and a Professor of Media at Al-Azhar University and 6th of October University and Conference Rapporteur, said: "God Almighty ordained equality between men and women in rights and duties. And the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, said: "Women are the twin halves of men".

Moreover, Dr. Manal Abul Hassan addressed Egyptian women, describing them as perfectly capable to serve their homeland and their faith, capable of achieving progress, leading status and success for Egypt; and also capable of working shoulder to shoulder with men to rebuild their country’s infrastructure and boost the economy, pointing out that Egyptian women are quite qualified to do so.