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  • November 2, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Forced Displacement of Sinai Residents

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Forced Displacement of Sinai Residents

 "Look for the motive and the beneficiary!" Who benefits from the displacement of the Sinai people? Who benefits from pitting the army against Egyptians there? Who benefits from the wide empty spaces created for the Zionist enemy under the pretext of the war on alleged "terrorism"? Why is a wide buffer zone is being created along Egypt’s border with the Gaza Strip, which is under an illegal harsh siege imposed by the occupier, the Zionist entity?

In memory of the "tripartite aggression" against Egypt and the occupation of Sinai on October 30, 1956, and under a deliberate media blackout imposed by the military coup authorities, shocking video clips of the eviction of the Sinai are leaked of tragedies that increase the people’s deep sorrow and rage.

Families have their homes blown up; families are evicted from their own land where they and their ancestors lived for centuries; cattle get burnt alive; children are killed without guilt; clearly disabled men are surrounded by a band of soldiers who beat them mercilessly to death, on film, and then move their bodies to other locations where military-controlled media claim they were killed because they were terrorists.

A regime that callously evicts Egyptians from their land; punishes, jails, humiliates, tortures and kills innocent civilians; and violates all sanctities, in favor of the Zionist-American coalition, is a traitorous regime that seeks to secure its grip on power by force of arms. This regime brought nothing to the people but death, shame, poverty and sky-high prices. It put fear into the hearts of Egyptians, under the pretext of combating terrorism, whereas terrorism emerged only after the junta called for a mandate to fight "potential terrorism" on July 26, 2013.

The Freedom and Justice Party condemns these criminal practices against the Egyptian people, especially the people of the Sinai; and calls on all Egyptians to unite and put a stop to the barbaric spilling of Egyptian blood in the Sinai. Let us stop the fascist regime committing more crimes against the people of this homeland.

The Freedom and Justice Party