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  • September 9, 2015
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Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Youth Execution Court Decision

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Youth Execution Court Decision

 Yesterday, September 7th 2015, the final verdict against 9 of the detainees was issued – condemning them to death, for allegedly killing an officer in 2014. The 9 are: 


1- Khaled Rifaat Askar, Science major
2- Ibrahim Yahya Azab, Pharmacist
3- Ahmed Waleed Al-Shal, Physician 
4- Abdel-Rahman Mohamed Attia, Medical student
5- Bassem Mohsen Al-Kheribi, Engineer
6- Ahmed Mahmoud Dabbour, Engineer
7- Mohamed Adawi, Faculty of Arts student
8- Mamdouh Mahmoud Wahba, engineering student.
 9- Mohamed Gamal Attia (in absentia)

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) deplores this tragic, highly politicized court decision, which demonstrates that the highest religious and judiciary bodies of Egypt are willing to join the current regime in willfully ignoring the fundamental principles of justice and the most basic human rights.
Yesterday’s verdicts are yet another heart-wrenching example of what democracy in Egypt has succumbed to.
It is a culmination of almost two years of an erosion of human rights in the country since the military coup: more than 40,000 political dissidents are in jail, thousands of protestors have been killed, and journalists are incarcerated, while torture and rape are used daily as a weapon against political prisoners.

The FJP will continue to call for the international community to press General Al-Sisi regime to immediately cancel these verdicts, as they are unjust and these charges are wholly fabricated and lack any credible evidence, and unconditionally release all political prisoners in Egypt.

Freedom and Justice Party 
Cairo: Tuesday – September 8, 2015