Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Egyptian Church Bombing in Libya

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Egyptian Church Bombing in Libya

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice party (FJP) expressed deep regret and condemnation of the terrorist act which targeted the Egyptian church extension in Misrata, Libya, and claimed the lives of two Egyptians.

The FJP stressed that this violent crime is a gross violation of the teachings of all religions, including Islam, as well as all customs and international covenants on human rights.

The FJP, the political arm of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, warned of the danger of these heinous acts and attacks at this sensitive stage in Arab Spring countries, especially Libya, stressing that the Libyan people are peaceful by nature, and condemn violence in all its forms and manifestations.

The FJP further asserted that this represents a blatant violation of the freedom of worship, and evidence of racism, extremism and ignorance of the sanctity of places of worship, and that it represents a defiance of all values and international laws and norms that emphasize the need to respect places of worship, and to respect other peoples’ religious rites.

In conclusion, the FJP expressed confidence in the ability of the Libyan authorities to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to trial without delay, in order to safeguard Libya’s security and stability, and to prevent the recurrence of such subversive incidents in the future.