Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Junta Fatal Force Approach Against Students

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Junta Fatal Force Approach Against Students

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) issued the following statement:

Egypt’s universities are playing a major role in rejecting the illegitimate military coup. Now, coup commanders and collaborators as well as their police and other security forces are facing new challenges from university students every day. The putschists have indeed lost their senses, currently waging a war of extermination against Al-Azhar University students, as punishment for their persistent peaceful protests.

The coup security forces’ brutality and ferocity, extensively targeting students with gunshots and gas canisters inside the Azhar University campus, led to the death of at least one student Monday and the wounding of more than a hundred others. Even worse, coup security forces refused to allow ambulances access to the wounded, now an inhuman routine junta practice.

This repression and brutal violence will not prevent the Egyptian people from regenerating their Revolution on January 25, when patriotic revolutionary Egyptians will return and exact fair retribution upon every traitor and murderer.

The FJP urges international human rights organizations to assume their responsibility to stop the shedding of Egyptian blood and the horrid violations by the military coup, ongoing since July 3. The FJP reiterates that it will hold accountable every individual, authority or establishment that will spill a single drop of Egyptian blood, and will not let them get away with their crimes.

Glory to the revolutionaries; shame and retribution will haunt traitors and murderers.

Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo: December 9, 2013