Freedom and Justice Party Conference: Ready for Parliamentary Elections; Condemning Violence

Freedom and Justice Party Conference: Ready for Parliamentary Elections; Condemning Violence

 Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Conference Recommendations

* Focus on completion of state institutions rebuilding, by electing a House of Representatives that reflects the aspirations of the Egyptian people and supports state legitimacy as approved by the Egyptian people who endorsed the new constitution in popular referendum and democratically elected the first civilian President in free and fair elections.

* Persistent endeavor to alleviate the burden of the ordinary citizen and help all classes of the Egyptian public to improve living conditions by providing effective technical support to institutions of the executive branch and by cooperating with all civil society groups and movements as an important pole for development.

* Work to support political stability as an essential foundation for building the economy of a country facing a myriad of challenges.

* Give priority to effective communications with the public in all provinces and activation of the ‘Political Communication and Media’ Secretariat to explain FJP vision and approach to all Egyptians, using specialized experts as necessary.

* Follow-up the operational plan for the ‘Together We Build Egypt’ campaign, and agree on the launch of new projects to double the numbers of those benefiting from campaign projects, in order to reach all segments of society.

* Give priority to application of the youth development strategy reviewed during the conference, which aims at empowering young people in building their country and ensuring a bright future for them.

* Immediately start preparation of the parliamentary election campaign, taking into account coordination and electoral alliances approved by the FJP Executive Bureau, so as to ensure the party wins a majority in the new House of Representatives.

* Encourage dialogue and communications with all political forces and parties, with clear affirmation that the FJP agrees to discuss all subjects and issues without preconditions.

* Support all efforts that seek to stop the violence and the attempts to spread chaos.

* Complete the construction of FJP institutions and secretariats to broaden the base of membership and participation with attention to empowering young people and encouraging women to take up leadership roles.

* Effective communication with the media, journalists and opinion leaders to explain FJP vision, and activation of all tools to ensure transparency in dealing with all print and broadcast media.

* Commitment to make every effort to achieve stability of the country and achieve all the goals of the revolution – freedom, dignity and social justice.

Freedom and Justice Party

February 16, 2013