• May 23, 2011

Freedom and Justice Party Elections in Giza

Freedom and Justice Party Elections in Giza

The founders of the Freedom and Justice Party in the north of the Giza governorate have elected Dr. Ahmed Amr Darrag, professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, to become the Secretary of the Party for this governorate. He was elected after a runoff between him and Azab Mustafa, a member of the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc for the 2005 session of the People’s Assembly. The elections took place during the first conference ever held by the founding body of this new party.

It is scheduled that the Shura Council of the Brotherhood in Giza Governorate would choose between Darrag and the other candidates, namely: Mahmoud Amer, a member of the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc in the Parliament of 2005, and Ahmed Ibrahim. Both of the two latter candidates were also elected to the Secretariat of the Party earlier.

The conference – which was held this afternoon at the Doctors’ Club – witnessed a larger presence on the part of the founders; the attendees actually exceeded 900 members, in addition to the members of the administrative office of the governorate.

Twelve candidates for the Secretariat of the Party had applied for the candidacy, they are: Ahmed Sayed Nizeili, Dr. Basem Ouda, the architect Hassan Beshbeeshi, Suad Al-Sokkary, Adel Afifi, Abdel Nasser Sakr, Tarek Hefny, Bahaa El Din Abdel-Rahman Nassar, Dr. Mohamed Saad Eliwa, in addition to Mohamed Diab Mabrouk, who announced his withdrawal before the start of the election process, “so as to give the people of competencies and experiences the opportunity”, he said.

The election process took place according to the lists of names of the founders of the party in the governorate. The sorting and counting process was carried out through a committee formed to conduct this task, and it consisted of the oldest member and the youngest one, as well as one of the members of the Administrative Office.

For his part, Sayyed Nizeili, an official in the Administrative Office of the Brotherhood in Giza Governorate, told “Ikhwanonline” that “the election of the Secretary General of the Party in Giza Governorate today was a new experiment that the Muslim Brotherhood witnessed for the first time, and may be a pioneering experiment in this regard”, pointing out that the next process of selection will be carried out in two phases; where the first phase will include the election of the Secretary-General through the founders, who were divided into three different categories: the party’s founders in the October governorates, those in the Giza governorate to the north, then those to the south.

He added that this election process will take place in each geographic region, and the results will be displayed after that preparing for a second stage; i.e. where the names that have been selected are presented to the Shura Council of the governorate. This Council will be in charge of the selection of the secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party in Giza Governorate as well as the Assistant Secretaries.

Sayyed Nizeili also pointed that the election and selection processes will combine the voting by the broad base of the founders of the party on one hand, and the consultations of the Brotherhood’s Shura Council in Giza governorate on the other.