Freedom and Justice Party Executive Office Statement – Monday, 2 April 2012

Freedom and Justice Party Executive Office Statement – Monday, 2 April 2012

 The Executive Office of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s weekly meeting, on Monday 2 April 2012, discussed the many events taking place in Egypt. It also discussed the decision of the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP to nominate Khairat Al-Shater for the presidency, as well as local and international reactions to that decision, in addition to continuing steps to support the Constituent Assembly tasked with drafting the Egyptian Constitution. Subsequently, the Executive Office had this to say:

– The FJP Executive Office, at the conclusion of its meeting today, Monday 2 April 2012, reiterates its full support for the FJP National Committee’s decision to nominate Khairat Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, as its candidate for the post of President of the Republic. The Executive Office asserts that this decision followed extensive consultation and discussions with the Brotherhood and FJP’s relevant institutions, and also after consultation with many competent, experienced professionals and political actors and stakeholders on the scene.

The decision to field a candidate for the presidency also followed a full review of all the latest changes that occurred in recent months, both in the domestic and international arenas, especially the continuous attempts to derail or obstruct the progress of democratic transition, the clear and utter failure that has become increasingly evident in the performance of the current government, and attempts to disrupt and undermine the Egyptian parliament and its decisions and actions, which did shake the people’s confidence in the steps so far taken towards democratic transformation. All that prompted the Brotherhood and the FJP’s institutions to take this stance, purely for the benefit and the interests of Egypt and all its citizens.

– The Executive Office reiterates that the party and the group rely on an institutional framework where Shura (consultation) is the deciding factor in any commitment or decision-making endeavors. That is what happened when the Brotherhood Shura Council decided, during the events of the revolution and before the establishment of the FJP, not to field a candidate for the presidency. However, due to previously unforeseen developments, and for the reasons mentioned above, the Brotherhood’s Shura Council and the FJP’s National Committee found it necessary to rethink that decision, putting the higher interests of the Egyptian people above all else.

Since the nomination decision has already been made, all the Brotherhood and the FJP’s institutions are working to make this a success, as we have a powerful project for comprehensive development and real renaissance that needs the concerted efforts of all relevant institutions. We believe we must come forward and bear the full responsibility and let the Egyptian people choose and carefully make the final decision to select the candidate they deem worthy of this responsibility.

– The Executive Office hails the Egyptian people, who struck an outstanding example of civilized political awareness during the blessed revolution, and then with their honorable and positive participation in determining the course of democratic transition, starting with the March 2011referendum, and until the end of the Shura Council elections in February 2012.

The people are well aware of the developments and the myriad, treacherous obstacles that have been placed so absurdly to prevent success of the revolution. They also know fully well the real objectives behind the vicious and dishonest smear campaigns being deliberately conducted by some media outlets owned by a number of businessmen known for their joint interests with the corrupt former regime, which have taken upon themselves to obliterate and undermine all the achievements of the revolution as their raison d’être and continuation of the old twisted ways of corruption.

The people are also aware that symbols of corruption from the former regime have long since infiltrated all state institutions. All this requires strong executive management based on popular and parliamentary support to confront and respond to all challenges. We should remember, here, all those who wept for the corrupt former president, and who are now crying crocodile tears of cunning and deception, for the revolution.

– Further, the Executive Office reiterates that concrete steps are being taken to withdraw confidence from the government through the use of mechanisms and means of parliamentary practice. This move comes after the FJP found evidence of the government’s total failure in the treatment of the many economic, security and political problems inflicted on the people.

More importantly, this action comes after evidence showed also that the government is intent on bequeathing myriad crises to its successors, and after the current government’s refusal to accept that the elected post-revolution Parliament expresses the people’s will and choice, and is empowered by the people, and that it certainly is not a fraudulent parliament built against the will of the people as in the past.

– Furthermore, the Executive Office declares its full support for the positive actions taken by the committee set up by the Constituent Assembly entrusted with writing the Egyptian constitution, and which is preparing the Assembly’s rules and the mechanisms of action and participation of all people, bodies and institutions in the work of the Constituent Assembly.

We hereby reiterate our belief that the new Egyptian Constitution must be expressive of all sectors of society, all agencies and ideological leanings, and also that the Constitution should aim to establish the national modern state, a constitutional democracy.