Freedom and Justice Party Executive Office Statement – Sunday, 25 March 2012

Freedom and Justice Party Executive Office Statement – Sunday, 25 March 2012

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Executive Office held its weekly meeting, on Saturday 24 March 2012, and discussed the latest economic, social, and political developments in Egypt, the current government’s rapidly deteriorating performance, and attempts to subvert, demean and discredit the democratically elected parliament.

At the end of the meeting, the FJP Executive Office stated that:

•  The FJP Executive Office warns that obstacles deliberately put in the way of Egypt’s march towards full democratization ultimately hurt public interests and delay the hoped-for stability and better future which should resolutely rectify the negative effects left over by the former regime whose chums and crones are still endeavoring to wreak havoc on the people’s daily lives.

Maliciously, vengefully fabricated crises of petrol, diesel and cooking gas shortages have shown up the government’s failure to adequately address those challenges and the attempts to subvert the Egyptian revolution and restore the corrupt defunct regime to power. This only reinforces our conviction that the current government, which has given nothing to the Egyptian people except contrived crises in all fields, must go.

•  The FJP Executive Office lays full responsibility on the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), which currently holds virtually all executive authority, for the increasingly negative impact of this government remaining at the helm. We believe it insidiously creates problems, which it aims to bequeath unto the forthcoming government. Clearly, this is both a shameful disgrace and an imminent danger to the revolution and its goals.

•  The FJP Executive Office asserts that the Egyptian people, who entrusted both elected Houses of Parliament with their confidence, will not let this parliament be politically blackmailed into taking political and economic decisions that do not fulfill the desires and aspirations of the great Egyptian people.

Evidently, parliament’s resolve to combat corruption perpetrated by the defunct former regime in all state institutions has worried the symbols of this entrenched corruption, threatened their influence and made them rattle their tails, creating hurdles, hindrances and confusion.

What the government itself has revealed regarding the responsibility of the father-in-law of Mubarak’s son for the current petrol and diesel crisis is true evidence of this. The obvious question, therefore, is: how could officials leave symbols of corruption in their positions, until now, without taking any steps to protect the nation and realize its ambitions.

•  The FJP Executive Office has observed the steps taken in the presidential election process until now and the problems reported so far. Consequently, we are more than fairly concerned about the integrity and the transparency of the upcoming elections and the possibility of it being defrauded, rigged in favor of a particular candidate who some may want to force on the Egyptian people.

We, however, assert that the people who made the revolution and participated in elections for both the People’s Assembly (PA) and the Shura Council will not allow election fraud again or have anything imposed upon them, whether an opinion or a candidate.

•  The FJP Executive Office is still considering the possibility of fielding a presidential candidate. The party’s competent authorities are looking into suggestions to nominate one of the FJP or Brotherhood leaders to run for president in light of the many recent developments in the domestic and international political arenas. When a final decision is made in this regard, it will be announced to the public.

•  The FJP Executive Office denounces the performance of several media outlets owned by businessmen who are chums and cronies of the old regime and symbols of corruption and sleaze. Those media organizations foment sedition, division and chaos among the Egyptian people, while chanting the slogans of the revolution as cover.

Nevertheless, the Egyptian people, who saw and heard them praise the old regime, still remember their tears for the ousted president after his 1st of February 2011speech, as he tried to deceive the people. But God exposed them and their crocodile tears on the morning of the 2nd of February 2011 with the Battle of the Camel. The Egyptian people know these shape-shifting chameleons and their goals very well, as they put all their money – the sources of which should be investigated – into defaming the Egyptian revolution, spreading chaos, and undermining the gains the Egyptian people have so far attained.

•  The FJP Executive Office reiterates that the candidates nominated by FJP’s Parliamentary Commissions in the PA and the Shura Council for membership in the Constituent Assembly to draft the constitution represent all factions and denominations, ideologies and institutions. This is meant to ensure that the new constitution enjoys broad consensus and meets the demands and aspirations of all hues of the Egyptian people.

Clearly, this was confirmed in the results announced at dawn today, which showed that the Constituent Assembly includes all political parties and representatives of the various syndicates, authorities, organizations and associations, as well as Muslim and Christian institutions, in addition to artists, authors, journalists, workers, farmers and prominent public figures. The FJP has evidently not monopolized the Constituent Assembly as some have claimed.