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  • October 27, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Freedom and Justice Party Expresses Concern for Secretary General Hussein Ibrahim Arrest

Freedom and Justice Party Expresses Concern for Secretary General Hussein Ibrahim Arrest

 After more than two years of resisting the despotism, corruption and repression of military rule, the Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim, was arrested by the military junta’s ferocious forces.

Since the first moments of the coup, FJP leaders have been a target for the coup’s criminal militias who tried to force them to kneel, collaborate or pay lip service to repressive military rule. However, the putschists were surprised by the rejection and resistance shown by FJP leaders notwithstanding the generals’ threats and ‘offers’, and despite the oppression and tyranny.

None of the FJP leaders accepted offered positions or farcical false promises from the putschists. The junta found neither hesitation nor surrender in the hearts of FJP leaders, from the first day of the coup when FJP Chairman Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni (still in junta jails) first refused appearing in the comic scene of the military coup d’état. That is why he was promptly arrested in the evening of the same day, and is still in jail.

So far, opponents of the military junta’s repressive rule – of all segments of the Egyptian people, and of all political orientations – have shown tremendous and exemplary courage by their rejection of injustice and oppression and the rule of the gun and the tank. They have endured far more than what anyone can imagine.

Brutal trigger-happy junta generals still fear every opponent of their illegitimate coup. Still the persistence and steadfastness of patriotic citizens’ anti-coup action is a concern for the criminal putschists in spite of all the junta’s oppression, extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests and detention. Still the despots consider their first enemy to be anyone who refuses subservience and surrender to their evil repression and works for change and a decent life.

The FJP, together with all the patriotic and honorable sons and daughters of the Egyptian people, hold the coup regime fully responsible for the brutal arrest of Hussein Ibrahim, and for the continuing unjust detention of more than forty thousand innocent patriotic citizens.

This Revolution is moving forth from strength to strength, steeling its resolve, reinvigorating its commitment. It will get even stronger with a new revolutionary wave. It will show the despotic Pharaoh and his cronies what they feared all along.

Freedom and Justice Party

Dr. Amr Darrag – Member of the Executive Bureau

Monday – October 26, 2015