Freedom and Justice Party in Aswan: ‘Rebel’ Phony Opposition by Ousted Regime Holdovers

Freedom and Justice Party in Aswan: ‘Rebel’ Phony Opposition by Ousted Regime Holdovers

 Ahmed Abdel-Moneim Ahmed, cassation lawyer and head of the legal committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Aswan, said that ‘Rebel’ movement is merely an extension of the failed artificial ‘caricature’ opposition set up by the ousted president for nefarious activities.

Having failed all popular support tests, from the March 19 referendum, to the presidential election, that false opposition did its worst to topple the elected President and to corrupt and undermine political life by forming the so-called National Salvation Front.

Then, contrived opposition called for Egypt’s military to grab power, believing that it could use the armed forces to achieve what it had failed to achieve through the ballot box.

That fake opposition then tried to sabotage the relationship between the institution of the Presidency and the Armed Forces – once by circulating malicious rumors, and another by collecting signatures of support for General Al-Sisi to take over administration of the country.

However, the military leadership, with its honorable history of siding with the people, announced that it would not intervene in political life and that it fully supports the legitimacy that came through the ballot box. When the stunned ‘front’ searched for yet another heinous way to disrupt the country’s democratic transformation, it came up with the so-called ‘Rebel’ movement.

Ahmed added that, "If we looked at ‘Rebel’ activities from a legal perspective, we can say that the right to express an opinion is guaranteed by the provisions of Article 45 of the Constitution.

"On the other hand, Rebel repeatedly and publicly affirmed that its purpose is to oust the elected President, forcing early presidential elections in Egypt. In that case, Rebel activities have no basis in Egypt’s Law or Constitution, as indicated in Article 152 of the Constitution.

"Yet again, Rebel has another undeclared purpose – creating chaos and confusion by claiming collection of millions of signatures, and using that as a cover for wanton violence across the homeland.

"Any fair-mined observer will find that the general situation in Egypt is on track for great achievements of growth and stability – with greater success for the stock market and increased profits, higher monetary reserves and improved tourism figures.

Meanwhile, Egypt has already entered a new era of manufacturing through the recent production ‘Einar’ (the Egyptian-made Tablet-PC), and the commissioning of the new Samsung factory next month.

"Furthermore, Egypt has just made a comeback to the automotive industry, and started using the novel financial instruments Sokouk (Islamic Bonds) as a mechanism for funding the budget deficit.

"Going well for Egypt, too, is the unprecedented boom in the production of wheat this year, improving bread quality and availability, and ending the crisis of gas and diesel fuels, and also opening up to the outside world, which led to increased investments in Egypt.

"Any reasonable person knows that there is a period between planting and harvest. This is what citizens are experiencing these days. All these good signs motivate patriotic men and women for more work and production, not rebellion."