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  • September 25, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Freedom and Justice Party Leader Dardery: General Al-Sisi True Terrorist

Freedom and Justice Party Leader Dardery: General Al-Sisi True Terrorist

 Dr AbdulMawgoud Dardery, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leader and MP, said that General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi is the ultimate terrorist, who used weapons to achieve political gains in the July 3, 2013 coup d’état.

"General Al-Sisi is accused of committing the largest massacre in modern times against peaceful demonstrators. He is wanted to face justice based on numerous human rights reports. Today, he speaks about terrorism. Terrorism is the use of arms to achieve political gains. This is precisely what the terrorist General Al-Sisi did on July 3, 2013.

"Absurdly, Al-Sisi spoke about the rule of law, although he violated the law in everything he did since the military coup. He abducted the elected President, suspended the country’s Constitution, disbanded the Upper House of the Egyptian bicameral Parliament (the Shura Council), politicized justice and killed thousands of peaceful protesters in the streets of Egypt, without putting even one of the perpetrators to trial."

Dardery further said: "The terrorist General speaks about democracy, although he trampled everything democratic and crushed all elected institutions with military tanks. The democracy Egyptians lived in five free and fair elections, Al-Sisi totally demolished with the ruinous coup, dragging Egypt back to fraudulent votes and rigged elections.

"As for those who say the Muslim Brotherhood hijacked the democratic process, either they do not understand the meaning of democracy, or they despise the free and fair choice of the Egyptian people. General Al-Sisi knows, more than anyone else, that he lies when he talks about democracy."

With regard to the Muslim Brotherhood, which Al-Sisi attacked in his speech to the United Nations, Dardery said: "Since its inception, the Muslim Brotherhood adopted an approach of instructive enlightenment, supportive of social harmony, peace, tolerance, high morals and values and the defense of freedoms and human rights. The group never participated in, nor incited violence. On the contrary, it is always keen to support all democratic processes.

"The Brotherhood won all the elections it contested, even though they never used a single tank or Apache helicopter. The group insists on the return of the civil state, democracy and freedom for all.

"Real legitimacy cannot be acquired simply with a speech and a couple of get-togethers. Ousted Mubarak used this fallacy to deceive for 30 years, then was swept away by the free will of Egyptians – to the waste-bin of history."

Dardery concluded: "Revolutionary men and women should know that true legitimacy comes from honorable patriotic people who reject injustice and love freedom".