Freedom And Justice Party Leaders Welcome Revolutionary Socialists Statement

Freedom And Justice Party Leaders Welcome Revolutionary Socialists Statement

Muslim Brotherhood leaders welcomed a statement issued by the Revolutionary Socialists (RS) movement in Egypt, which affirmed  the movement’s rejection of the violations and atrocities suffered by the group at the hands of the current ruling regime, expressing its rejection of equating between the military junta and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The RS pointed that "Down with all traitors: the junta, the Mubarakists and the Brotherhood" has become a misleading slogan that lends support to the military dictatorship, adding: "Every step or action towards crushing the Muslim Brotherhood narrows political space for all and paves the way for the expansion of repression to include everybody.

"Silence on the suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood, or failing to regard their defense in the face of the oppression of the military dictatorship as an integral part of the struggle for democracy and for the restoration of the Egyptian Revolution is a strategic error that has been causing marginalization of the left-wing opposition to the dictatorship."

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Leader Abdul-Mawgood Dardery welcomed the clarifications made by the RS which sided with the Revolution and praised the efforts of those facing up to the counter-revolution.

Dardery added that revolutionary unity and rallying behind the demands of reclaiming the Revolution are achieved in the RS statement, and called on all forces to go beyond the differences and agree on the demands of the Revolution.

For his part, Ahmed Rami, FJP spokesman, said that regardless of any previous, current or future political disputes, the RS remained one of the movements most committed to the principles of the January 25 Revolution.

Rami added: "In its latest statement, the RS was able to discern the differences that separate the possibility of revolutionary cooperation or coordination from political rivalry and disputes. It has the moral courage – that others have lost – in refusing general Al-Sisi’s and the illegitimate regime’s exploitation of the ‘war on terror’ (the junta’s own terror that is), and has not submitted to blackmail, the threat of ‘canned’ criminal or terror charges, or the mad need to stand by the despots in a conflict with terrorism started by the junta as a justification for its own survival, tyranny and violation of rights.

"The RS statement is a message to other movements, groups and entities which participated in January 25 Revolution, that there can be no neutrality in the struggle against human rights violations and the trampling of nations’ and peoples’ will."

Asked about any anticipated future alliance with the RS, Rami replied: "We are dealing with this realistically. Revolutionary coordination is inevitable for the Revolution to succeed – with all the political, social and popular groups and movements… Meanwhile, we know that there has been a bitter experience of cooperation for which we paid with blood, the result of errors on the part of everyone involved, including us (ie the Muslim Brotherhood).

"So we’re trying to work for a coordination, based on the Revolution’s objectives, which may evolve into a revolutionary alliance, despite the different political agendas of each component of the revolutionary alliance, if it does come about… Our choice is participatory democracy, as opposed to competitive democracy."