Freedom and Justice Party Meets With Canada’s and Singapore’s Ambassadors

Freedom and Justice Party Meets With Canada’s and Singapore’s Ambassadors

 Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), met with Canadian Ambassador to Cairo, David Drak on Monday afternoon to discuss the party’s vision regarding the political landscape in Egypt during the transitional period.

 Welcoming the Ambassador, Morsi asserted that the FJP aspired through its elected majority in parliament to accept the responsibility in forming a transitional government in a bid to accomplish the Egyptian people’s demands especially following the Egyptian revolution. 

 "We plan to focus on reforming and developing the economy and the community", he stressed.

 Morsi and Drak reviewed the upcoming phase following the parliamentary elections up to the forming of a constituent assembly, and the presidential elections highlighting the significance of consensus in drafting the constitution.

 "It is imperative that the constituent assembly be reflective of all of Egypt and its parties including members both from parliament and the public", Morsi said.

 Discussing the Copts status in Egypt following the revolution, Morsi emphasized that the Copts are an important element of the nation. "The FJP worked to include Copts on its party’s electoral list both in the parliamentary and Shura elections", he explained.

 Morsi also expressed the party’s enthusiasm to communicate with Egypt’s expatriates in general and in Canada in particular.

 "The Egyptians abroad are part and parcel of the Egyptian nation regardless of their beliefs and ideologies", he asserted.

 For his part Drak, congratulated the FJP and its winning majority in the parliamentary elections describing the elections held following the revolution as a historical moment in Egypt’s history.

 "My government in Canada fully respects the will of the Egyptian people demonstrated at the ballots".

 He added that it was necessary to regulate the work of civil society organizations in Egypt, in agreement with the provisions of the law and the Constitution. He maintained that  Egyptians living in Canada enjoy full freedom and play an effective role in the community.

 Related, Morsi also received Monday evening Tan Hang Sing,  Singapore’s ambassador to Cairo at the party’s headquarters in Manial Al-Roda.

 Morsi welcomed Sing stressing the importance of boosting bi-lateral relations between Egypt and Singapore economically and politically, especially as Singapore was particularly experienced in the economic and educational fields. He reiterated that the FJP was prepared to carry out the responsibility of forming a transitional government in consensus with other political parties and factions.

 In turn Sing applauded the FJP on its lead in the parliamentary elections expressing his pleasure in continuing meetings with the party. "Singapore looks forward to supporting economic relations with Egypt and hopes to exchange educational and small and average scale industrial experiences between the two", he said.