Freedom and Justice Party Mourns St Catherine Accident Deaths

Freedom and Justice Party Mourns St Catherine Accident Deaths

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) offers its sincere condolences to the families of victims of the St. Catherine blizzard accident Saturday. The FJP strongly condemns the shameful complacency and criminal disregard for lives of Egyptians tragically repeated by an institution supposedly responsible for the protection of Egyptians – trained and equipped to be always on alert to quickly intervene in such emergencies.

Apparently, official inaction against those responsible for a similar incident where a Red Sea ferry (Al-Salam) sank, killing dozens of passengers, encouraged the repetition of this disgraceful failure. Egyptians are shocked by the provocative answers offered to the victims’ families and which uphold the dubious principle that foreigners have priority over Egyptians when exposed to similar accidents – which reflects the putschists’ outlook on Egyptian citizens.

By comparison, the reaction of the country’s legitimate President Mohamed Morsi was most honorable, when a number of Egyptian fishermen faced certain dangers off the coast of Marsa Matrouh (to the north west of Egypt). At the time, President Morsi immediately ordered the Egyptian Navy to intervene. It swiftly sent its rescue boats, with the participation of Egypt’s Air Force, in an operation to rescue the Egyptians, as citizens of this homeland, who must enjoy dignity and pride in their country.

Our sincere condolences to all the people of Egypt.

Shame on those who scorn the lives of young people, the future of the nation.

Freedom and Justice Party