Freedom and Justice Party Offers New Projects to Serve Egyptian Citizens

Freedom and Justice Party Offers New Projects to Serve Egyptian Citizens

 The Freedom and Justice Party held Tuesday, at its main headquarters in Cairo, an expanded workshop organized by the ‘Together We Build Egypt’ campaign to discuss and put forward a number of serious initiatives and new ideas within the framework of projects targeted by the campaign, to double its activities in coming months, and achieve greater results on the ground.

A number of businessmen participated in the workshop, in addition to a number of professional associations, unions and 25 civil associations (NGO’s).

Participants in the workshop proposed a number of new projects, made several suggestions to expand the circle of participation, and discussed the campaign’s core projects.

Those projects include: organizing educational seminars and workers’ conferences to encourage them to work and increase production, focusing – in the coming months – on reasserting and re-establishing ethical and moral values, communicating with official bodies to solve problems facing the campaign, as well as fostering a culture of voluntary work in the community as a whole, rehabilitation of the disabled – providing them (especially children) with prosthetic devices, development of special crafts famous in each province, providing transformative training for graduates with professional diplomas, organizing awareness campaigns to fight all kinds of infection and to reduce complications of chronic diseases.

The campaign also includes projects and initiatives like: creating bridges between workers and trade unions for the implementation of development projects, accommodating street vendors and legalizing their status, and focusing on the sector of agriculture and construction to accommodate a large segment of the Egyptian people.

At the conclusion of the workshop, it was announced that preparations were underway to expand the campaign, both in terms of the parties participating and projects being implemented. Those will be announced at the conclusion of the first phase of the campaign, at the end of February 2013.