Freedom and Justice Party Official Statement on Increase in Foreign Tourism

Freedom and Justice Party Official Statement on Increase in Foreign Tourism

Dr. Mohamed Gouda, official spokesman for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Economic Affairs Committee, affirmed that the party’s comprehensive renaissance project of integrated development in Egypt focuses on three major sectors, first amongst which is the tourism industry.

He pointed out that Egypt has huge resources and tourism potential certainly not less than France, Italy or Spain, and that the FJP aims to activate both the potential and resources, whether geographical or traditional, artistic or human.

In press statements, Tuesday, Dr. Gouda stated that, "The FJP realizes the importance of tourism, and vows to boost the industry, in order to increase GDP.

"The tourism industry is the most important source of foreign currency for Egypt today. It is one of the most promising areas which may help solve the unemployment problem in Egypt.

"The FJP will help bring about legislative and institutional reform in Egypt’s state administration, so as to create an infrastructure with roads, bridges and means of communication to support the tourism sector."

According to the Middle East News Agency (MENA), hotels and resorts in the Red Sea Governorate, have achieved – during the first half of this year – an increase in the number of tourists visiting Egypt, compared to last year.

The number of tourists during the 6 months from January to June 2012 was 1,689,000 tourists – of various nationalities – an increase of 130 thousand tourists over the same period last year.

MENA reported that the governor of the Red Sea province said, "Occupancy rate is increasing in hotels and tourist resorts as conditions in Egypt seem to be settling down. The month of June (2012) has recorded an increase in the number of tourists, reaching 296,000 tourists.

"The largest number of tourists in the resort of Hurghada hails from Russia, Germany and England. But Italians seem to outnumber visitors from other countries in Marsa Alam city."