• May 11, 2011

Freedom and Justice Party Open to Copt as Deputy

Freedom and Justice Party Open to Copt as Deputy

The Muslim Brotherhood’s official newly established Freedom and Justice Party has commenced procedures in obtaining applications from the Parties Affairs Committee. According to sources 9000 party founders signatories are expected to be delivered to the committee

Senior MB leader Mohsen Rady confirmed that 15 percent of the party’s founders are not affiliated with the group, adding that in fact a number of Copts including Coptic intellectual Rafiq Habib have signed up. Citing former statements by the elected party leader Dr. Mohamed Morsy the MB has confirmed that there will be no discrimination between Muslim and Christian party members; he added in fact it will accept a Copt as deputy for the party if elected. He maintained that the Freedom and Justice Party will not differentiate between males and females however it rejects the candidacy of women or Copts for Egypt’s presidency.

Documentation is expected to be submitted by Wednesday night, according to Ahmed Abu Baraka, a party founder. He stated that the party has concluded amendments to its platform and regulations.

With regards to the Freedom and Justice Party leaders Rady confirmed that, Dr. Mohamed Morsy, Dr. Essam el Erian and Dr. Saad el Ketatni will be relieved from their positions on the MB Executive Bureau as agreed and elections will take place for replacements of their former positions on the Bureau.