Freedom and Justice Party Presents New Draft Law to Ensure Workers’ Freedom, Independence of Trade Union Work

Freedom and Justice Party Presents New Draft Law to Ensure Workers’ Freedom, Independence of Trade Union Work

Khaled Azhari, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) MP and the Egyptian People’s Assembly Manpower Committee deputy, announced that a bill for a draft law has been submitted to parliament’s proposals and complaints committee, to regulate worker’s unions, in preparation for referring it the Manpower Committee.

Azhari explained that the bill calls for freedom and independence of the syndicates while avoiding having multiple unions working within one establishment. He added, "Syndicate and workers’ unions should be established freely and not built on party or religious bases".

Zaky stressed that the bill called for full recognition of the syndicates once official foundation documents were presented through the appropriate administrative channels in the Ministry of Manpower. The bill also proposed that current workers’ organizations adjust their positions according to the new law within 6 months or else they will be automatically dissolved, and their funds, property and assets will be dealt with according to their regulations.

The draft allows any establishment with 200 workers or more to form one workers’ union only, provided that union is founded by no less than 50 workers. In establishments with less than 200 workers, a union can still be formed in coordination with other workers from the same level or type of work or profession.

Further, Azhari explained that the bill stipulated that the administrative court should consider any claims against the founding of a union within thirty days from the initial date of declaration, and that the union’s elections should be held once every 4 years, under full judicial supervision.

The bill also stipulated that a union’s board should include at least 5 members, and that board members cannot sit on more than one board during the same term. Moreover, it allowed the unions to form workers’ trusts, funds and clubs in addition to other activities that aim to serve workers.

The draft law stated that workers’ union should be under the control of the Central Inspection and Audit Division (CIAD) which will monitor how the unions’ funds are governed. The unions will be exempted from paying judicial, authentication or registration fees for law suits regarding these laws.