Freedom and Justice Party Receives Delegation Of British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee

Freedom and Justice Party Receives Delegation Of British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), received on Monday Richard Ottaway, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British House of Commons, together with a delegation of British MPs, as well as James Watt, the British Ambassador in Cairo, at the FJP’s headquarters.

Welcoming the British Parliament delegation, Dr. Morsi underscored the importance to maintain and promote bilateral relations between Egypt and Britain in all fields.

In response to a question from the head of the British parliamentary delegation on the relationship between the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Morsi said that the Brotherhood established the party for all Egyptians to take part in political activities and compete for power, and that there is constant coordination and consultation between the two sides within the framework of a common vision, objectives, general policies and broad principles, although they do use different means and mechanisms of action.

On the representation of women in Egyptian Parliament, Dr. Morsi expressed the FJP’s appreciation for the role of women in Egyptian society and their participation in shouldering social as well as political responsibilities, pointing out that the FJP has the largest representation of women in Parliament. He pointed that, out of ten female MPs in the People’s Assembly, four represent the FJP, play active oversight and legislative roles, and positively engage in political participation. Moreover, Morsi added that the party has three female MPs in the consultative Shura Council. However, he expressed disappointment that the representation of women in parliament is still low as a result of the electoral system.

On the party’s position regarding presidential candidates, Dr. Morsi reiterated that the FJP stands at an equal distance from all current candidates, and that it will announce its final position after the window of nomination for the presidency closes.

On the international level, Dr. Morsi called on the British MPs to urge their country to play an active role in supporting the democratization of the Arab peoples, especially the Syrians. He also called upon the international community to pressure the Syrian regime to stop the systematic killings and all the violations committed against the Syrian people by the Assad regime.

 However, Morsi rejected military intervention in Syrian internal affairs. Dr. Morsi also rejected talk of reform in Syria as too late now, after the massacres committed daily by the Syrian president against unarmed civilians, stressing the need for the removal of the regime that kills innocent elderly people, children and women as well as youth and peaceful protesters aspiring to freedom, development and stability.

For his part, Richard Ottaway congratulated the FJP on the resounding victory it achieved in the Egyptian parliamentary elections, pointing out the importance of communicating directly with the political forces and stakeholders in Egypt, especially the FJP.

Richard Ottaway emphasized his government’s support for the march to democratic change in Egypt, pointing that British institutions, bodies and authorities are ready to support parliamentarians in Egypt.